• The Herb Garden
  • Compost Area

About the Trust

Hoathly Hill Trust Ltd was founded in 1994 and is a charitable company limited by guarantee with a small membership.

Our charitable aims

The Trust’s charitable aims are:

  • the advancement of education, and
  • the relief of persons in need, sickness, hardship and distress.

Our vision

Our vision is to facilitate community and environmental educational projects for all.

Our values

We work with the following values and principles:

  • collaborative working
  • caring for the environment
  • enabling, facilitating and supporting initiative.

Our activities

Currently we work with the following projects and initiatives :

  • Hoathly Hill Community
  • Hoathly Hill Association
  • Hoathly Hill Sculpture Studio
  • Hoathly Hill Herb Garden
  • Pericles Theatre Company
  • The Elderly Project
  • Hoathly Hill West Paddock, including:
    • Hoathly Hill Community Supported Agriculture
    • Hoathly Hill Forest Garden
    • The Bee Garden
    • The Compost Area.