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We work with professional artists, people with disabilities and volunteers to create colourful and entertaining theatre productions together.

We are aligned with Pericles, Training, Work and Therapy, also situated in the Hoathly Hill Community. The set, masks, puppets and props for the performances are being made by students in its workshops.

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Pericles Theatre Company is, first of all, about us.

It is another opportunity to meet each other and to better discover who we really are.

As the art of dialogue and fine observation, theatre is a chance to open us up to the miracle of life.

Through games and simple exercises which stimulate our attention and improve our coordination, we make the first steps on a long and joyful journey.

And we are not abashed by our modest tasks: to be on our feet, to see with our own eyes, to hear with our own ears… These modest tasks are fundamental to learning at any theatre school in the world.

Every so often we like to show our work in front of an audience and… most of all, we like to bow in front of them, which means:

It was for you!

Theatre is an effective learning tool often used to communicate, and to provoke reactions to, important local and global issues. Our intention and proven track record as a theatre company is to fully implement this fact.

We work to integrate people with special needs into the local community. Our goal is for the people taking part to learn to express themselves more fully and build up confidence.

We work to create an environment where they can learn new skills which will aid them to become more self-assured in supporting themselves and realising their strengths and how much they have to offer.

We want to promote a better understanding of the needs that people with learning disabilities often face in fitting into this society.

Ultimately we work to showcase the talents they have and highlight the real contribution that they can and do make to their community.

By creating and presenting these productions with our students, a form is provided which connects them profoundly and life-changingly to essential relationships and values.

A number of organisations for people with learning disabilities approached us for similar sessions. We are now delivering additional Expressive Arts sessions with partnering organisations, such as Nutley Hall and Tinkers Hatch, which are very successful and bring in extra money.

Working together in the very process of co-ordinated theatre, the benefits are manifold – both tangible and intangible.

See a video about our production, The Flying Ship

Our next production is:

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is one of the most beautiful and enigmatic fairy tales ever written. Hans Christian Andersen makes two distant worlds collide in a story of love, of suffering and sacrifice between a young prince and a beautiful mermaid princess.

The Little Mermaid is the story of impossible love. But this is exactly where the magic world of fairy tales must take us, beyond belief and mortality, challenging our world views and stretching our imagination. This is how we grow up, how we learn to become both adventurous and responsible.

This will be a play for children and adults.

We would very much appreciate receiving a donation for our work, which will enable us to bring more magical drama and touch the hearts of many more people, crew as well as audience members. If you would like to make a donation, please look at our Localgiving page.