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Hoathly Hill Trust and Hoathly Hill Community are fortunate to have a beautiful compost area with its devoted carers, Simon Blaxland de Lange and his team.

The composting process is one of regeneration and renewal; turning the old, spent and unwanted into the fertile basis for the new. The Compost Area at Hoathly Hill is managed biodynamically. It is takes garden clippings, kitchen compost, spent soil and similar and the six biodynamic compost preparations are inserted into the body of the piles. The preparations radiate energies or forces through the pile to help in the composting process. They are made up of yarrow, chamomile, nettle, valerian, dandelion and oak bark.

The Compost Area is an example of regenerating the soil and is of benefit to the local community and indeed to life on earth. All over the world, soil has been degraded due to modern agricultural techniques and much of the world’s top soil has been lost. The answer is plants and good agricultural practice around conserving, regenerating and creating soil.

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